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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


Cambodia, part 2


Tonle Sap is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. It grows huge during the rainy season, increasing in depth to ten meters from two meters at its deepest during the dry season. Tonle Sap River reverses direction when the monsoons come, feeding the lake from the overflow of the Maekhong -- the river into which it usually itself feeds during the dry season. The result: huge stores of fish and an incredibly fertile flood plain that provide food for the Cambodian people, most of whom live around its perimeter.

Traveling on the Roof of the Speed Boat Up the River Gives a Great View of the Countryside

Still to Come: Houses of Many Types, Most on Stilts, Line the Shores

Coming into the City of Kompong Chnnang: Part City on the Land, Part Floating Capital of the Region

The City Teems With Activity, On the Water and On the Shore

It's a Beautiful Scene -- Wish We Could Have Stopped!

Cambodia, Part 4

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