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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


Cambodia, part 3


The city of Siem Reap sits about twenty-five kilometers off of Tonle Sap. A small town itself, Siem Reap is known primarily for the fact that it is located only five kilometers away from what was once the center of the greatest civilization ever known in Southeast Asia, ANGKOR.

A Water Wheel Along the Siem Reap River

A Spirit House: Cambodia is Mostly Buddhist, But Strains of Animism Remain (remember the spirit house in Thailand?)

Children on the Porch of a Traditional House: Over Half the Population is Under the Age of Sixteen!

An Ice Cutter: Sawdust Keeps It Frozen for Up to Two Full Days

Saron Works at Her Family's Crafts Stand Seven Days a Week

New Year's Decorations Add Some Bright, "Artificial" Color to the Natural Wood of the Houses

Women Work Together to Make Sheet After Sheet of Colorful Tofu Cakes...

...Which They Sun-Dry on Stands That Line the Roads

Another Water Wheel: Reducing the Intensive Labor of Moving Water

Playing Pool is a Common Form of Recreation

Huge Trucks Take People From Siem Reap to the Surrounding Towns to Celebrate the New Year With Their Famillies

The Ride Can Be Rough, Though, Especially After It Rains (Foreshadowing the Monsoons to Come!)

Cambodia, Part 5


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