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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


Cambodia, part 5

ANGKOR (continued)


The Promenade Leading Up to the South Gate Into the City is Lined With Gods on the Left, and Demons on the Right

The Bayon Temple Was the Centerpiece of the City Built by Angkor's Last Great Builder-King, Jayavarman VII

Nuns Preside Over Buddha Altars Inside the Temple

Also Inside: Faces of Avalokitesvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Stare At You From Every Direction

See How Many Faces You Can Count in This Photo!

The Outer Walls of the Bayon and Other Buildings in Angkor Thom Portray Scenes From Everyday Life in Ancient Times, Like This Cockfight

The People of Ancient Angkor Must Have Played This Game, Which Looks Something Like Chess

Circuses Must Have Been a Part of Life in Angkor, Too

This Carving Shows That the Farmers Around Angkor Used Ox Carts to Carry Their Produce...

...Just As They Do Today...

...And, They Carried Water in Buckets Hung From a Wooden Pole Slung Over Their Shoulder...

...Just As Today's Village Dwellers Do!

Dancing Apsaras Carved Into the Bayon Columns...

...Portray a Style of Dance That is Being Revived

The Ramayana Epic Forms the Story Line for Many Dances: This Dancer Assumes the Character of Ravana, the Demon King...

...And These Dancers Take on the Roles of Rama and Laksmana

Folk Dances Like This Portray Scenes of Fishing Life That Have Changed Little From Ancient Times

Cambodia, Part 7

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