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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

VIETNAM--Part 10

Vietnam, part 9


East of the Central Highlands, the coast of Vietnam reaches its farthest east point, opposite the Philippines to the east and Indonesia to the south. The coast is along the South China Sea, though it's not very close to China; that body of water might better be thought of as an extension of the Pacific Ocean (though it is separated from the ocean by the Philippine Archipelago).

In Phan Rang, These Temples Remind Us of the Great Cham Civilization That Was Ultimately "Absorbed" Into Vietnam

The Dry and Hot Coastal Region Around Phan Rang is Known for The Grapes Grown There

Military Cemeteries Like This Can Be Seen All Over Vietnam Commemorating Those Who Died Fighting for "Unification" -- In Other Words, for the North

Salt Ponds Like These Still Provide An Important Resource, As They Did Centuries Ago When the Chams Traded It With the Highlanders for Forest Products

This Region of Vietnam Has Multiple Yearly Crops of Rice, So This Kind of Harvesting Goes On Even As Other Fields Are Just Starting to Grow

A Closer View of the Harvesting Process: Hard Work Indeed!! (And Who's Doing Most of It, AGAIN??!!!!)

Every Space Is Used, Even If It Means Drying Rice On the Main Road

Highway 1: The Road May Be New, But You'd Still Better Watch Out for Slow Traffic!

In Nha Trang Harbor, Boats Sit Around Or Get Repaired During the Day Before Fishers Take Them Out At Night

Vietnam, Part 11

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