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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

VIETNAM--Part 12

Vietnam, part 11


In This Photo You Can See Rice-Growing In Four Different Stages: Land Preparation, Early Seedling Growth, Transplanted Seedlings, and Mature Rice Ready for Harvesting

Ducks Being Herded Through the Rice Paddies

Water Buffaloes Are Still Used to Pull Traditional Plows to Prepare the Soil for Planting

Fishing Takes Tools: A Boat (In the Front, Of Course) And a Net (In the Background)

A Closer View of One of the Huge Nets Used for Fishing in the Thu Bon River In and Around Hoi An

A Train Crossing in the Countryside

Family Graves Are Placed in the Middle of Their Ricefields, Oriented According to the Directions of Geomancers

The Countryside Is Unbelievably Green...



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These Road Construction Workers Wouldn't Let Me Pass Without Taking a Photo of Them

Many Family Homes Have Gates Like These Identifying Their "Turf"

Tobacco and Red Chili Peppers Are Common Crops, Left Out to Dry in the Sun During the Hottest Part of the Day

But Rice Is Certainly the Main Crop; Farmers Transplanting Young Shoots Is a Common Sight

Farmers Winnowing the Harvested Rice At the Side of the Road


Vietnam, Part 13

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