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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


Cambodia, part 9


The International Mosque: Muslims Are a Substantial Minority at This Crossroads Between the Middle East and Islamic Southeast Asia (Malaysia/Indonesia)

Wat Phnom ("Hill Wat") is Dedicated to Penh, the Woman Who Founded Phnom Penh ("Penh's Hill") -- Women Have Played a Major Role in Khmer History

Prayuvong Buddha Factories: Making New Buddhas Out of Cement is Fast and Inexpensive...

...And Signals the Revival of the Religion, Which Was Outlawed During the Pol Pot Era

Mine Victims and Polio Sufferers Rehabilitate Their Lives By Learning Life and Work Skills at Places Like This, a Workshop at Wat Than

This Old High School Looks Innocent Enough...

...But the Barbed Wire Around Its Perimeter Belies Its "Suburban" Location,...

...For This is Tuol Sleng: The Khmer Rouge Used This Converted School As a Prison and Torture Center for Thousands of People Who Either Died Here or Were Executed at the Choeung Ek "Killing Fields"

Prisoners at Tuol Sleng Were Catalogued Systematically By the Khmer Rouge Before Being Killed; They Were Chosen for Being "Enemies of the Revolution", Which Included Those Suspected of Having Some Advanced Education (Such as Anyone With Glasses!)

A Cambodia Map Memorializing the Victims

Cambodia, Part 11

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