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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


Vietnam, part 7


A House in a Village of the Lat People: This House Can Sleep Forty People, Including This Man...

...Who is the Patriarch of this Village -- At Age 103 (A Best Guess), He Still Plays a Mean Kamput!

The Inside of a Lat House: That Huge Basket in the Back Holds Enough Rice to Last Through a Bad Harvest, and Then Some

This Cutting Tool Has Dozens of Uses: It Cuts Anything, It's a Great Stool to Rest On, and It Can Measure Long Distances (You'll Have to Ask How!)

Lat Families Get to Be Very Large; The Children Are Needed to Help Work the Fields...

...And the Young Ones Have to Come Along for the Ride

Like Many Others in the Highlands, the Lat People Are Catholic and Gather to Pray in Churches Like This

The Symbol On the Church Roof, Though, Shows That Their Catholicism is Mixed With Animist Beliefs -- The Bottom Part Portrays Buffalo Horns, a Reflection of Their Reverence for the Beast

This Buffalo Horn Altar Inside the Church Was Built for the Harvest Celebration, Replacing the Ancient Practice of Slaughtering a Buffalo in Thanks for Bountiful Crops

The Lat People Play Music With Gongs: The Interlocking Patterns Remind Me of Balinese Music (I Wonder Why the Similarity?)

Vietnam, Part 9

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