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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

VIETNAM--Part 13

Vietnam, part 12


The Champa Empire Ruled the Area For Over A Thousand Years, Building Magnificent Monuments Out of Brick -- Many Lasted Until the Twentieth Century, When They Were Destroyed By Bombs During the American War (That's a Bomb Crater in the Foreground)

This Altar And the Ruins of the Wall Around It Are All That Remain of the Main Temple At My Son

The Javanese Writing On the Stela in the Foreground Shows Indonesian Influence in This Region of Vietnam; The Hindu Yoni Altar in the Background Shows the Ultimate Influence From India

This Carving of a Javanese Kala-Makara (Sea Monster God) Over the Praying Figure Is Further Evidence of Trade Between Vietnam and Indonesia in the Distant Past

This Ritual Bath Is a Common Site in Hindu Temples

This Mural Is Dedicated to Shiva, the Hindu God to Whom the Temples of My Son Were Built

The "Snake" Motif Commonly Found on Cham Temples Is Unique to This Region (maybe this photo is sideways?)

The Chams Were (And Still Are) Not Only Great Masons But Great Stone Carvers As Well, As This Lion -- Symbol of the Emperor's Power -- Shows

This Is Khan, A Jeep Driver and Shop Owner at My Son Who Is Also a Modern Descendant of the Ancient Chams

One Can See Evidence That The Champa Empire's Skill at Brick-Making Is Continued On Among Its Descendants, Who Live On Throughout the Coastal Area of Central Vietnam


Vietnam, Part 14

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