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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

Avi learning dance from Ketut MadraAvi Black: Travels of a Teacher in Southeast Asia:1998-1999

Join my trip of discovery through Southeast Asia, as I search for the common threads that tie together the diverse cultures of the region as well as those things that make them unique.

I'm actually back in California now (staying at my brother's house--see photo), but my trip on the web is still going because it takes us time to get the pages up. In fact, I'm teaching school again and already planning a return visit to Thailand in December 1999.
New sections (parts 8 through 10) on Cambodia just went up (10/99). Other recent additions are from Vietnam (8/10/99) and Southern Thailand (6/3/99). There will be new sections of the site going up regularly for at least another few months, so keep checking in even if you don't get a prompt response from me.

Hey, guess what? We were featured April 12-19 on the MSNBC Learning Online Cool Collection site!

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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

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