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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

A Word On My Choice of Prints

My travel experience long ago revealed to me the difficulty of finding a selection of photographs that accurately represents and portrays the richness, complexity, truths and contradictions of people and societies. Through critical thoughts and revelatory conversation with experts such as the eminent and respected photographer (and good friend) Pato Hebert, I have begun to understand how a process of selection might be undertaken.

For this trip, quick and broad as it is, I've chosen to use a simple process that goes hand-in-hand with my choice of experiences to seek out. It involves three elements:

1 - Focusing on PEOPLE: by finding individuals and groups (e.g., school children) an asking questions YOUNG PEOPLE want to know the answers to, hen attempting to portray their lives and interests in photos, I can begin to get at the realities of the contemporary societies of the region. The more photos, the deeper and richer that portrayal gets!

2 - Finding things that STRIKE THE EYE, i.e. that strongly attract me visually

3 - Addressing the site THEMES: i.e., important historical sites, expressions of cross-cultural connections, etc.

Part 1 Why Southeast Asia?
Part 2 How to include S.E. Asia in the World History class.
Part 3 How this web site is organized: Content/Themes
Part 4 How this web site is organized: Structure
Part 5 A Word On My Choice of Prints
Part 6 Thematic check-list
Part 7 A Request for Critiques and Support

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