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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads


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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

Thematic Checklist

This is a "checklist" I use to help guide my photography. I try to find at least two photos on each topic in each country. Sometimes I find more; sometimes, I don't get around to even those two. (I often spend my last couple of days in a place in a frantic effort to "fill in the gaps", and might be in a place where it's just not possible to find anything that addresses some of the themes.) Some photos address more than one idea: for example, a picture of a floating market deals with both "markets" and "river life".

You can use this list as well to guide you in finding links to topics you address in your curriculum. I think of them as the "common threads" that characterize Southeast Asian cultures. It's not very specific -- "religion" and "environment" are pretty broad topics, eh? -- but I hope it can be of use!

People/Ethnic diversity/Colonialism


Chinese influence/Indian influence/"Old" vs. "New"

Religion/Religious leaders/Religious centers

Environment/Games/Recreation Offerings


Music/Architecture: Modern/Architecture: Traditional


Markets/Fishing/Farm animals

Child-rearing/Medicine/Healing/Dealing with death

Rice cultivation/Other crops/Fabrics/Textiles

Community service/Language/Holidays

Weaving techniques/Spirit world/River life

Roles of women/Roles of men/Roles of children

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