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Beautiful Patterns, Common Threads

LAOS--Part 4

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Inside a Fifteen-Seat Yun-12 Airplane (WHOA!)

Just a Few of the Many Kinds of Mines and Bombs
Used in Lao During the "Secret War" of the U.S.

The Lao Use What They Find:
A Fence Made of Bomb Casings

The Logo for the Mines Advisory Group:
Trying to Save Lives from Millions and Millions of Mines

A Humongous Jar at Hai Hin, the "Plain of Jars"

A Statue of Kaysone, The Lao PDR's First President

Some Young Hmong Children

A Burned-Out House at Ban Sieng Dii:
Some Hmong Still Seek Independence Through Rebellion

Some More Hmong Children

The Jars at Site Three, Hai Hin

A Mountain Rice Field During the Dry Season

A House in a Village of the Khammu, Lao's Original Inhabitants

A House of the Lao Loum, the Country's Majority People

A Dish of Foe: Vietnamese Influence in Lao

Bomb Craters Cover the Landscape of Xieng Khuang,
A Reminder That Lao is the "Most Bombed Country Ever"

Next Laos installment COMING SOON!

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